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Israel’s Premier IT and Cyber Security Institute
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Israel’s Premier IT and Cyber Security Institute

HackerU is a world-renowned leader in Cyber Security knowledge transfer, technological solutions, and cyber services. Countless professionals, companies, and organizations look to HackerU for an update on today’s latest tools, knowledge, and critical thinking skills necessary to maintain effective Cyber Security.


Our Story


Israel in the 1990s was a country in transition, transforming its economy from one based strictly on agriculture and manufacturing to the high-tech, "Start-Up Nation" we know today. Our founder, Gil Adani recognized this change as a paradigm shift and boldly spearheaded a new educational model to upskill and reskill adult learners relatively quickly.
Drawing from the effective hands-on training he experienced in the Israeli Defense Forces, Gil brought leading tech experts to instruct students in avant-garde IT, Design, and Data Science. Within a few years, HackerU was funneling market-ready professionals directly into the country’s booming economy.
At the same time, Israel started to receive electronic threats from abroad. Out of necessity, Israel had to maintain the strongest Cyber Security resilience and a major caveat was not having properly prepared cyber professionals.
Gil saw the opportunity and focused his efforts on filling the cyber gap. Within years, HackerU was honored as Israel's Premier IT and Cyber Security Training Institute and stands true to this today.
Yet Gil did not stop there. A true visionary, Gil understood that in this rapidly-evolving digital economy the only way for HackerU to remain a leader in Cyber Education and stay ahead of the curve was to set the curve by developing its own technology.
Gil launched an R&D and Solutions department that placed HackerU at the core of Israeli Tech Development. HackerU began offering innovative Cyber Security solutions to businesses, making it the only organization servicing the high-tech industry and the education sector.
It wasn’t long before HackerU became known as a powerhouse leader in the world-renowned Israeli Cyber Ecosystem. Today, HackerU is active in over 12 countries and continues to shape the world’s Cyber Resilience

Our Mission

Build the World’s Cyber Resilience through our unique ecosystem that spearheads technological innovation, industry-leading services, and market-driven trainings.

Our Mission
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On The Global Level

Diminish the growing global Cyber Threat by sharing our knowledge, properly training the next generation of Cyber Security experts, and building sustainable Cyber Ecosystems across the globe.

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On The Local Level

Empower and sustain local business networks with properly equipped Cyber Specialists grown from within the local community.

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On The Individual Level

Provide opportunity and upward mobility for millions of adult learners while reducing the growing shortage of Cyber Experts and Cyber Defenders.

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Our Values



HackerU aims to disrupt conventional thinking. We encourage our students, employees, and clients to always think out-of-box and act boldly - it is essential for fostering innovation and identifying breakthroughs.



HackerU strives to provide opportunity and upward mobility for millions of individuals worldwide. Our career-oriented training programs empower almost anyone to obtain a high-paying job as a true Cyber Security Specialist



We understand that knowledge is the driving force of the Cyber World. That’s why we continuously update our program curricula. Our programs are hand-crafted by Cyber Experts currently working in the field, guaranteeing that our graduates truly receive market-ready knowledge and skills.



We believe that expertise is gained via experience. That’s why our curricula integrates the most relevant case studies and hands-on training simulations with traditional technical theory. By bringing our 23 years of Cyber Leadership into the classroom, we provide our students with a career program built on the expertise of Israel’s Cyber Security elite.



Today, Israeli Cyber Security, on both the offensive and defensive level, leads the Cyber Industry on a global scale. As Cyber Crime becomes an increasing threat across the globe, we feel it is our responsibility to prepare the next generation of Cyber Security professionals.

A Few Of Our Clients

A Few Of
Our Clients

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