Every HackerU Certified Graduate begins their new career with the most essential tools and knowledge needed to truly shine as a Cyber Security Specialist. Thousands of industry experts took their first step at HackerU - their success is testament to our commitment in providing the best programs on the market.

Red Team vs. Blue Team

Red Team vs. Blue Team

Students enrolled in our Blue Team Specialist Programs will gain the skills and hands-on experience HR departments look for in defensive Cyber Security professionals. Our programs emphasize experiential learning to give students the practical understanding employers require in Linux, Windows, Cyber Infrastructures, and Defensive Cyber Security methods.

Students enrolled in our Red Team Specialist Programs explore the hacker’s state of mind through an in-depth study of the cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. With our “real-time attack” Cyber Labs, students will learn ethical hacking and gain extensive, hands-on experience with today’s most critical Cyber Attacks, allowing them to truly stand out to employers as an Offensive Security specialist.

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Give Your Students The Code To Career Success

Give Your Students The Code To Career Success


"Real-Time Attack" CyberLabs

HackerU programs feature “Real-Time Attack” simulation labs that fully prepare students for real-world situations. This immersive learning environment empowers HackerU graduates to be truly prepared for immediate employment.



All HackerU programs are designed and delivered by leading Cyber Security and IT professionals with proven track records in their respective fields. As a world leader in Cyber Education, HackerU is committed to sharing our knowledge in order to establish job-ready Cyber Professionals.


Unique Recruitment Process

We offer academic institutions a unique guidance program that maximizes student enrollment and retention. Many prospective students are concerned a career in Cyber Security might not meet their career goals. HackerU minimizes this uncertainty with our Trial Phase, where students take Cyber Security for a test ride before committing to the full program.



Focused for both local and global needs, HackerU programs provide students with the training needed to pass the industry’s most essential certification exams. Our curriculum is designed for students to be fully prepared for Cyber Security jobs immediately after graduation.



With more than 12,000 graduates across the globe, HackerU strives to reduce the Cyber Workforce gap by working with thousands of companies and directly meeting their needs. Additionally, we optimize the hiring process with our recruitment partners around the world.

Some of Our Educational Partners

By partnering with academic institutions across the world, we empower students to truly succeed in today’s digital economy with a suite of hand-crafted, career-oriented Cyber Security training programs.

Some of Our
Educational Partners
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Yosef Moshe

Cyber Security Course Graduate

“I recommend this academy! Thanks to my instructor Roman, I know what I’m doing, what the industry expects from me, and I’m sure that I will get the CEH certification for being a Certified Ethical Hacker. They will tell you exactly what you need to do and what the big companies expect you to know or to say at an interview. It’s the first academy that makes sure you know what you are doing, and that you can develop a career in this field.”

Nir Sayas

Penetration Tester, BugSec

"Today I’m working as a penetration tester at BugSec. I really like the course at HackerU. After the course, the career department helped me to find a job and today I’m working two jobs in the Cyber Security field. My main job is penetration testing at BugSec and the second one is lecturing at HackerU to pass my knowledge to other students."

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